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Left you, Abandoned

My body's an empty house, the staircase of my spine is splintered
watch your step
the floorboards are rotten and water logged with words of disease.
Creaky house, facing the cliffs, the drop off is far,
instead of pushing...
Could you lend me a hand, a kind face turned cruel. Weather erodes tree trunks into old souls.
Broken eyes,
you see through. Shattered windows remind me of lost hope.
The shingles are deteriorating, the angel's tears fall from the star beds above,
the voice of beauty.
It hurts your ears to hear the truth;
that I'm leaving.
The void is unsettling, old pictures in the attic left to gather dust.
You can't remember anything, you can't keep everything, nothing lasts forever.
The house engulfs in flames

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