gagasteeth (gagasteeth) wrote in spiralpoets,


He picked me
like a strawberry
becuase i was the ripest apple from his tree
the sugar in his tea
you said you'll see
everything will be fine
becuase you're mine
you're the biggest grape from the rotting vine
you're my star, you shine
my favorite song, my favorite line
i was chose
like the reddest rose
A sweet smell under your nose
the whistle when the wind blows
the sunlight
a coat on the coldest night
but he dosent see
my fragility
my cracked and broken misery
he thinks he's the plaster on my scraped knee
he cant fix this
its a miss
his ignorance is bliss
and with each kiss
im poisoning his life and his soul
He'll never fill that hole
nor reach his goal
he said don't worry ill show you it will be OK
i didn't believe it and i didn't know what to say
He picked me i am the peach
climbed a ladder becuase he couldn't reach
he picked me
like a strawberry
And like the sugar in his tea
i dissolved
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