mushedmanz (mushedmanz) wrote in spiralpoets,

Sickled Love

Point a small gun in the air
The trigger Man feeds grossly
He says to the trembling bodies
"Do you feel this fear?"

The trigger Man says -
"Can you feel the sense of agony?"
"Do you wish to help yourselves?"
The trigger Man aims the bullet womb under his jaw

The trigger Man says -
"I am going to shoot myself,
Do you not fear for yourselves any more,
now that you are safe?"
The trigger Man is crying

The trigger Man says -
"Do you wish to save me?"
Trembling bodies watch , a few tears fall,
a few faces frozen, too few understand.
The trigger Man is angry now

"Feel this pain, this sorrow?"
"I wish to save the humans, I wish to help move forward,
not backwards"
"Too many souls that are unware, glued to their phones,
their computers, their television."
"So much agression, so many false kings, so few

The trigger Man screams -
The trigger Man squeezes -

Blood on the celing
Nobody understands
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